When Food Is No Longer In Control

Greetings from the west coast!  I've been out in California for the past few days and have been LOVING it.  I love the vibe over here and how easy it is to find a beach (#beachbum).  I've been exploring different cities in the southern part of the state and have conquered a few fears along the way.  These fears were traveling alone and going on a boat - I guess my fear was mainly getting sea sick.  I actually am enjoying traveling alone because I can literally do whatever I want (going to bed at 8pm because I cannot get used to the time difference).  My boat trip was super fun and I saw a few whales.  I tried to speak whale like Dory in Finding Nemo but it didn't work.

I've really enjoyed my time exploring and am happy that food and exercise no longer control my every move.

A Glimpse Into My Binge Story

Recently, I was looking at old pictures and I started to come across pictures that reminded me of the time when I was in the darkest part of my disordered eating.  When I look at those pictures, they remind me of the time in my life where everything looked great on the outside but what was going on inside was not so great.  As I continued to flip through those pictures, I started to feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Always Confident

Accepting your body as is can prove to be a very difficult task.  I understand that a lot of you have goals to lose weight for health reasons and to simply feel better.  As you journey towards feeling healthier and more energized, I want you to also journey towards body love.

Being Body Positive

It has been a busy few weeks over here and my usual workout routine has been put on the back burner.  When my weeks are not busy, I like to workout 3-4 times a week and this includes going to a spin class on Saturday morning.  Last Saturday and this Saturday, my day is taken up by family visits (yay!).  With that being said, I have been missing my usual spin classes and I've mentally had to tell myself that it is okay.

Change Your Motivator

I've been hearing from various people that they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle but are trying to change what motivates them.  These people do not want their motivator to be having a "bikini body".  They are searching for a better reason but do not know how to get rid of this mindset around appearance.

As an anti-dieter and an advocate for body positivity, I love helping people with these types of challenges.  My main motivator during my early 20's was to have the bikini body and that left me feeling unworthy and lonely.  

This Weekend's Win

This past weekend, I did a photoshoot for my business.  I needed a major picture upgrade and I finally got around to booking a great photographer.  I am super excited to get my pictures and share some more food freedom and body love with you all!

You know what felt really good about doing this photoshoot - the fact that I never stressed about dieting or working out.  In fact, I had ice cream both Thursday night and Friday night (my shoot was Saturday morning).  In the weeks/days leading up to my shoot, I didn't restrict myself from eating what I wanted and I didn't over exhaust myself at the gym in order to lose some inches.

Embracing My Body

In my most recent Instagram posts, I've been writing about areas of my body that I've learned to accept and embrace.  My mind used to be flooded with so many negative thoughts about my body.  Every time I looked in the mirror, I found something else to hate and I had a hard time believing that I was beautiful.

Food Freedom = Happiness

If you take a look at my Instagram, you will see that I preach food freedom and body love 24/7.  I love inspiring women to become more confident so they can achieve the dreams they have for themselves.  It is important to have both of these things in order to thrive in this life.  Today, I'm going to talk about why it is important to discover YOUR food freedom.

Confidence Is The Best Outfit

Hey there!  I hope your weekend was fabulous and the start to your week has been positive.  This weekend was so great - I spent quality time alone during the day on Saturday and enjoyed a long walk on Sunday.  I love having weekends that leave me feeling recharged and ready to take on a new week!  

My me-time included a day of shopping (YES).  I am not a huge shopper but this weekend, I was in the mood to buy all the things.  While enjoying my me-time at the mall, I was reminded of how much I used to hate on my body.

Taking Care of Number One

Girl, last week was insane for me.  I have to say, it was probably the most stressful week I've had in a really long time.  I was so incredibly busy that my self-care routine went completely out the window.  My main focus last week was getting enough sleep so I could get through my hectic schedule.  My self-care was non-existent and I found myself in a funk by the end of the week.

Lesson learned.