Welcome to INSERT BLOG NAME. I started this blog because as a woman, I feel like I am constantly trying to find this balance that society tells me I need to have. I also believe that as a woman, I have been taught to hide my femininity. I’ve been told that my emotions get in the way of decisions. I’ve been told that my intuition cannot be trusted. I’ve been told that a “good” woman is nice to everyone. And I’m so over trying to fit into the mold that society has created for me.

Norms should not control our decisions but in order to thrive, you need to figure out what makes you truly happy, no matter what the outside world says. This blog is meant to help you navigate the biggest and smallest decisions of your life.

I write about diet culture and why I believe in having food freedom. I write about society’s ridiculous beauty standards and how to find body acceptance. I write about my lifestyle and tips that have helped me to become more self-aware. I write so that you can wake up to who you truly are and starting living life for yourself again.