Being Body Positive

It has been a busy few weeks over here and my usual workout routine has been put on the back burner.  When my weeks are not busy, I like to workout 3-4 times a week and this includes going to a spin class on Saturday morning.  Last Saturday and this Saturday, my day is taken up by family visits (yay!).  With that being said, I have been missing my usual spin classes and I've mentally had to tell myself that it is okay.

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Body Shaming to Body Loving

To be honest, I've been super crampy and moody lately.  Last week, I was on an emotional roller coaster and this past weekend, the cramping and bloating was real.  During this time (especially over the weekend), I found myself hating on my body.  Yes, I'm a Food Freedom Coach that specializes in food freedom and body love; but this does not mean that I'm perfect.  Like you, I still have my struggles.  I have them under control after years self-healing and therapy, but every now and again they pop up.

When I'm feeling down in the dumps about my body, I like to remind myself the reasons why I love it.  Here are some ways to bounce back when you find yourself hating on your body.

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Post-Christmas Thoughts

It is the day after Christmas and I know there are a great deal of women who are suffering from anxiety at this very moment.  These women are anxious because they are thinking about the treats they chose to indulge in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  There are also some women who are suffering from anxiety because they did not let themselves enjoy any treats the past two days.  

Which woman are you today?

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On Leggings and Body Image

This past weekend, I overheard women discussing leggings, who should wear them, and who should not.  I was annoyed (to say the least) that it was two women discussing this.  I wonder why young girls are going on diets and talking about how much they hate their bodies.  Can't we all just wear whatever makes us feel comfortable and confident without someone judging us?

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Bingeing and Restricting

I feel as though there are two major opposing forces in the health and wellness world right now: diet mentality versus intuitive eating.  One person is telling you to go Paleo or do Whole30 and the other is telling you to "simply" listen to your body.  There are too many dietary theories out there and I'm so over feeling like there is a right and wrong way to eat.  Who's with me?

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