3 Steps to Food Peace This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season and unfortunately, this time of year can bring up loads of food anxiety for those who struggle with owning their food choices. The thought of all the “bad” food that will be in front of you during the holidays can make you feel 1) like throwing in the towel and eating “bad” 24/7 or 2) like you need to heavily restrict and/or overwork yourself at the gym until the holidays are over. Neither one of these options are ideal and I am here to help you get through the holidays without feeling guilty about your food choices.

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Recovering From a Binge Episode

One my least favorite things to face when I was recovering from disordered eating was dealing with the occasional binge episode.  When I was healing my relationship with food, I thought my bingeing would go away because I was actively trying to heal.  Turns out, that wasn't the case.  Sure, I was working towards bettering my relationship with food but it was not healed overnight.  I was still learning how to trust my body again and look at food as just food.  When a binge episode occurred, I had to learn how to not let it send me into a downward spiral.

Below are a few steps that I think are helpful to take when dealing with a binge episode.  In my opinion, these steps will help you to face it and will help you to become more aware so that they can occur less and less.

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How to Face Your Weekend Food Choices

As you head into Labor Day weekend, you might be feeling anxious about food.  Why?  Because you know that you will have to face your issues with food yet again.  Dealing with food issues is difficult to deal with during the week, but it is even more difficult to navigate during weekend social events.  Here are a few tips to follow to help ease your anxiety about your future food choices.

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No More Special Occasions

I am back from my west coast trip and while I loved California, I am so happy to be home.  I missed my routine and the familiarity of where I live.  Does anyone else function better while in some sort of routine?

One of my favorite routine things to do in Durham is partake in brunch on the weekends - sometimes one morning or both if I don't feel like cooking myself breakfast (#lazy).  When I go to brunch, I do not restrict myself.  I judge how my body is feeling and go from there.  Since I am sensitive to gluten, I judge how my digestive system feels.  If I'm feeling off, I most likely avoid anything with gluten.  If my digestive system is feeling good, I will go for the gluten containing foods such as pancakes or biscuits.  My choices vary from week to week and I allow myself to eat anything I'm craving - I never save anything for a "special occasion".

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Screw Dieting

Happy Tuesday, my friends!  I'm pretty sure this day of the week is going to be my new blogging day so keep your eyes peeled for a new post every Tuesday!

This past weekend was full of good eats in Durham.  I went to my first tapa restaurant for dinner and grubbed on an awesome brunch at a local diner.  Oh, and I ate some ice cream (even though it was 20 degrees here).  Who says it needs to be hot outside to enjoy delicious ice cream?  Not me, that's for sure.

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