What Do Your Judgements Say About You?

Growing up, I often overheard conversations that seemed to have the same gossipy theme of discussing who should and shouldn’t wear a specific type of clothing. I grew up thinking that I had to look a certain way in order to wear a certain type of dress, bathing suit, etc. Nobody in family ever told me I should or shouldn’t wear anything, yet I could not help but think this way after hearing conversations about other people’s appearances.

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Food Freedom = Happiness

If you take a look at my Instagram, you will see that I preach food freedom and body love 24/7.  I love inspiring women to become more confident so they can achieve the dreams they have for themselves.  It is important to have both of these things in order to thrive in this life.  Today, I'm going to talk about why it is important to discover YOUR food freedom.

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The Importance of Self-Care

It's been quite a week over here!  I've been a tad stressed to say the least.  Starting a new job, meeting new people, and adjusting to a new city is hard.  My body started shutting down mid-week because I was letting the stress get to me and my self-care was out the window.  Self-care is something I tend to forget about when I have a bunch of other things on my plate, so this was a good reminder for me to make it a priority again.

Since I was letting self-care go on the back burner, I noticed that my mind started reverting back to old ways of thinking when it came to food and exercise.  I found myself getting paranoid about my food choices and I started judging my body because I had not been working out consistently for over a month.  The fact that my mind was reverting back to this way of thinking had me scared.  I've been through enough when it comes to these issues and I did not want them to creep back into my life.

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