My Current Struggles

In a few days, I will be heading to Nashville for my friend's bachelorette party.  I cannot wait to see my girls and spend the weekend celebrating!  I've been before and am excited to show them around and enjoy all the things Nashville has to offer.  We will be enjoying a lot of good music along with a lot of good food.  Lately, I've noticed some food anxiety and body hate creeping up in my mind and I wanted to share how I've been dealing with it.

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Dieting Versus Food Freedom

As a food freedom coach, I always preach throwing away your diet mentality and embracing a life of food freedom.  While you journey from dieting to food freedom, it is important to recognize when you the diet mentality is taking over.  Below, I've listed some important differences between the two.

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No More Special Occasions

I am back from my west coast trip and while I loved California, I am so happy to be home.  I missed my routine and the familiarity of where I live.  Does anyone else function better while in some sort of routine?

One of my favorite routine things to do in Durham is partake in brunch on the weekends - sometimes one morning or both if I don't feel like cooking myself breakfast (#lazy).  When I go to brunch, I do not restrict myself.  I judge how my body is feeling and go from there.  Since I am sensitive to gluten, I judge how my digestive system feels.  If I'm feeling off, I most likely avoid anything with gluten.  If my digestive system is feeling good, I will go for the gluten containing foods such as pancakes or biscuits.  My choices vary from week to week and I allow myself to eat anything I'm craving - I never save anything for a "special occasion".

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When Food Is No Longer In Control

Greetings from the west coast!  I've been out in California for the past few days and have been LOVING it.  I love the vibe over here and how easy it is to find a beach (#beachbum).  I've been exploring different cities in the southern part of the state and have conquered a few fears along the way.  These fears were traveling alone and going on a boat - I guess my fear was mainly getting sea sick.  I actually am enjoying traveling alone because I can literally do whatever I want (going to bed at 8pm because I cannot get used to the time difference).  My boat trip was super fun and I saw a few whales.  I tried to speak whale like Dory in Finding Nemo but it didn't work.

I've really enjoyed my time exploring and am happy that food and exercise no longer control my every move.

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This Weekend's Win

This past weekend, I did a photoshoot for my business.  I needed a major picture upgrade and I finally got around to booking a great photographer.  I am super excited to get my pictures and share some more food freedom and body love with you all!

You know what felt really good about doing this photoshoot - the fact that I never stressed about dieting or working out.  In fact, I had ice cream both Thursday night and Friday night (my shoot was Saturday morning).  In the weeks/days leading up to my shoot, I didn't restrict myself from eating what I wanted and I didn't over exhaust myself at the gym in order to lose some inches.

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