How to Face Your Weekend Food Choices

As you head into Labor Day weekend, you might be feeling anxious about food.  Why?  Because you know that you will have to face your issues with food yet again.  Dealing with food issues is difficult to deal with during the week, but it is even more difficult to navigate during weekend social events.  Here are a few tips to follow to help ease your anxiety about your future food choices.

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Weekly Eats No. 1

Due to popular demand on my Instagram poll, I bring you the first edition of my weekly eats.  Below is a list of what is in my fridge and pantry for this week as well as a few recipes.  I hope these meals inspire you to try new things as you journey towards complete food freedom.

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How To Help Your Body Thrive

I think spring is finally here in North Carolina!  Everything is super green and the weather is finally starting to stay warm (yay!).  I love the start of spring because the sun shines brighter and everything seems fresh and new.  Over the past few weeks, I've been wanting to refresh and renew my body by doing a juice cleanse.  I usually enjoy cleansing at the start of a season but I've decided to hold off on cleansing for a bit.

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This Weekend's Win

This past weekend, I did a photoshoot for my business.  I needed a major picture upgrade and I finally got around to booking a great photographer.  I am super excited to get my pictures and share some more food freedom and body love with you all!

You know what felt really good about doing this photoshoot - the fact that I never stressed about dieting or working out.  In fact, I had ice cream both Thursday night and Friday night (my shoot was Saturday morning).  In the weeks/days leading up to my shoot, I didn't restrict myself from eating what I wanted and I didn't over exhaust myself at the gym in order to lose some inches.

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Can You Have Food Freedom?

So my last post was all about eating delicious foods at new restaurants.  This post is all about juice cleansing, the complete opposite!  Continue on though, I promise it is worth the quick read.

Even though I am all about #foodfreedom, I have to avoid gluten and dairy for digestive reasons.  In high school, I was diagnosed with IBS and the only thing that helped was changing my diet and learning how to deal with stress.  From high school to my mid 20's, I ate very little dairy and significantly reduced my sugar intake.  About a year ago, I found out gluten was not working for me either.  I remember one week I was extremely tired, my brain was foggy, and my stomach started getting IBS cramps again.  I thought to myself, "Oh heck no, ain't nobody got time for that!"  

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