My Food Freedom Journey

There is a myth that I used to believe in my early twenties. I used to believe that my body shape and size would bring me happiness. I used to think that having a perfectly toned and fit body would make me truly happy and so I spent countless hours meal prepping and workout planning.

I was on this hardcore diet and workout cycle for the good part of my early twenties and I really never found happiness.

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When Food Is No Longer In Control

Greetings from the west coast!  I've been out in California for the past few days and have been LOVING it.  I love the vibe over here and how easy it is to find a beach (#beachbum).  I've been exploring different cities in the southern part of the state and have conquered a few fears along the way.  These fears were traveling alone and going on a boat - I guess my fear was mainly getting sea sick.  I actually am enjoying traveling alone because I can literally do whatever I want (going to bed at 8pm because I cannot get used to the time difference).  My boat trip was super fun and I saw a few whales.  I tried to speak whale like Dory in Finding Nemo but it didn't work.

I've really enjoyed my time exploring and am happy that food and exercise no longer control my every move.

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