Numbers Don't Define You

Recently, I was reminded of how much pressure I used to put on myself about weight.  I pressured myself to keep my weight under a certain number and celebrated when I was able to get there.  When I was at the doctor's office last week for a regular check-up, they had to record my weight.  Even though I do not weigh myself, I knew the general range of what was going to pop up on the scale.  When the number popped up, it was higher than that number I was talking about earlier - but I did not feel bad about it.  I felt good.

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Keeping It Real

Recently, I was reviewing professional pictures that I had done back in March.  I was very wary while looking at these pictures because everything about them were professional - the makeup, the lighting, the editing (some of them are actually unedited, but I have not posted them yet).  I was hesitant to start posting any professional pictures on social media because one of my intentions as a coach is to help women embrace their natural bodies and I felt like a hypocrite looking all done up.

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Always Confident

Accepting your body as is can prove to be a very difficult task.  I understand that a lot of you have goals to lose weight for health reasons and to simply feel better.  As you journey towards feeling healthier and more energized, I want you to also journey towards body love.

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Change Your Motivator

I've been hearing from various people that they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle but are trying to change what motivates them.  These people do not want their motivator to be having a "bikini body".  They are searching for a better reason but do not know how to get rid of this mindset around appearance.

As an anti-dieter and an advocate for body positivity, I love helping people with these types of challenges.  My main motivator during my early 20's was to have the bikini body and that left me feeling unworthy and lonely.  

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This Weekend's Win

This past weekend, I did a photoshoot for my business.  I needed a major picture upgrade and I finally got around to booking a great photographer.  I am super excited to get my pictures and share some more food freedom and body love with you all!

You know what felt really good about doing this photoshoot - the fact that I never stressed about dieting or working out.  In fact, I had ice cream both Thursday night and Friday night (my shoot was Saturday morning).  In the weeks/days leading up to my shoot, I didn't restrict myself from eating what I wanted and I didn't over exhaust myself at the gym in order to lose some inches.

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