My Vacation Exercise Routine

When I go on vacation, I want time to relax and not worry about a to-do list. I want to have a slow morning and head to the beach for the day. I want to slowly get ready for dinner and choose a spot on a whim. I want to enjoy the days and evenings without planning out every little thing. I also want to stay active while on vacation, not because I feel the need to “work off” the food I’m eating, but because I know my body gets energy through physical activity. In years past, I would make sure I got in an hour workout almost every morning, but now that I have reached a better place with my body, I do not push myself that hard anymore.

I no longer spend money on a weekly gym membership or force myself to wake up super early to get to the gym. I’ve been allowing myself to wake up with no alarm (#muchneeded) and get a 10 minute run in on the boardwalk. I don’t want to spend tons of time exercising while on vacation because there are other things I want to enjoy while I’m at the beach.

Some mornings, I overthink it and tell myself I should be running more or I should be doing some body weight exercises. Most recently, my mileage tracker was off an I only ran 3/4 of a mile instead of a full mile. For a hot second, I was mad at myself and felt like I didn’t get in a good workout. I could have let myself feel guilty and pushed myself to do something else, but instead I recognized my effort and noticed that my body FELT good after that run.

We overthink exercise and feel that we have to have a specific plan for every day/week. And if we do not follow that exact plan, we feel like failures or that we didn’t get in a “good” workout.

Sometimes we overthink it so much that we throw in the towel and skip exercise all together. Thinking too much about what exercises you want to do makes it a chore. If exercise = chore, you are less likely to do it. Exercise should be a stress reliever, a way for you to forget about your to-do’s and just move your body.

When you are on vacation or at home, do you think of exercise as a chore? Maybe you are overthinking what workouts you need to do. Instead of trying to plan out all of your workouts, do what feels good. If you enjoy running, go for a run. If you like doing yoga, find a free yoga workout online. If you like lifting weights, go do that. Exercise looks different for everyone. There is not one specific routine that simply “works”. Find what works for you because physical activity is something you need for both your mental and physical health.