How to Discover Your Truth

As women, we are told that being too sensitive and feeling too much is a sign of weakness. We are told to hide our emotions and that our hearts should not guide our decisions. However, I believe there is great value in following your heart, your inner voice, your inner truth. If your inner truth is not guiding your decisions, then something or someone outside of yourself is more than likely guiding them. I definitely do not want to live a life that is guided solely by society or other people’s opinions.

I deeply value knowing my inner truth and using that to guide my decisions in life. Below are practices that have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my inner voice. My hope is that one of these speak to you so you can start your own practice and become more self-aware.


I set aside at least 10 minutes a day to be still. That normally means a 5 minute meditation in the morning and a 5 minute meditation at night. I am always doing something throughout the day, and setting aside time to be still allows me to stay focused and calm. I like using the mediations on the Insight Timer app. Depending on the day and my mood, I listen to a guided meditation or meditative music. When I meditate, I hold onto a crystal that I feel I need in that moment. I’m not well-versed in the meanings of crystals, but holding them makes me feel calm and protected.

Meditation is all about quieting your mind and centering yourself. There is no better way to shut off your ego and clear your energy than being still in a meditation.


When I am feeling stuck or need to work through an emotion, I write. I play a meditation song or a calming playlist and write about what I am feeling. This helps me to see the reasons behind my emotions and allows me to look at things from a new perspective. I do not set a timer during this writing session and do not hold myself back while writing. Whatever is on my mind makes its way to the page and when I feel ready, I stop and read everything I’ve written.

Writing out whatever you are feeling will help you get out of your own head and eventually, you will notice patterns of thinking and the reasons behind certain thoughts. I guarantee that you will also notice what has been influencing your thoughts and your decisions and you will want to retrain your mind to think differently so that you are the one choosing your life.

Your intuition is your superpower.

Don’t let people make you think otherwise. Never be afraid to seek out your truth and learn more about yourself. Doing so will only guide you to the exact place you are meant to be.