My Self-Care Routine

I’m back to blogging after taking a few weeks off to focus on myself. Life has been quite busy lately and I could tell that I was starting to feel burnt out from trying to get everything done. I literally had to hide my to-do list so I could focus on self-care. Two weeks off was glorious and allowed me to recharge, realign, and refocus on what matters most to me in my life.

Every time I slack on self-care, I can feel myself out of alignment and in turn, I am more anxious and stressed.

While I was taking time off, I decided to be more realistic with my weekly schedule and self-care routine. I know that my personal goals and self-care goals are way too ambitious for what can actually be done given the time I need to dedicate to my day job and coaching practice. I’ve listed below my self-care routine to prove that self-care does not have to be glamorous or timely.

Morning Self-Care Routine:

1. Oil pulling for oral care - 5 minutes

2. Hot lemon water for digestion - takes about 2 minutes to make (hot water, lemon juice, tsp of apple cider vinegar, tsp of honey)

4. Meditation - 5-15 minutes using the Insight Timer app, my favorite is Morning Meditation with Bethany Auriel-Hagan

5. Journal - a quick 5 minute journal entry to reflect on what I’m thankful for, what would make this day amazing, and daily affirmations

*In addition, I will exercise 30-45 minutes, 4 times a week.

Late Afternoon Self-Care Routine:

1. Personal Self-Care - 30 minutes to get something personal done whether it’s ordering something online, calling someone, checking finances, going for a walk, laying by the pool, meal planning, etc.

2. Meditate & Journal - 30 minute meditation and journal session to focus on something I’m working on internally

Evening Self-Care Routine:

1. Skin Care - 5 minutes to wash and moisturize my face before bed

2. Journal - a quick 5 minute journal entry to reflect on what amazing things happened today and how I could have made today even better

2. Read - 14-45 minutes to read before bed (depending on how tired I am)

Self-care does not have to be super glamorous. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a massage or pedicure every once in a while, but self-care on a daily basis has to be more practical.

I hope that my routine sparks some inspiration in you to start your own, simple routine. Share your favorite self-care habits with me on Instagram.