Why You're Craving "Junk" Food

I’ve had a few people ask me if they will ever crave whole foods (protein, vegetables, fruit, basically anything unprocessed) when they begin to eat more intuitively. The short answer is YES because you will get to know your body and what helps it to thrive. When you follow food rules and are “made” to eat a certain way, you are going to crave the “forbidden” foods.

For the sake of this blog post, let’s call these forbidden foods, “junk food”.

If you’re reading my blog, I have to assume that you’re either on a diet or you’ve been through a phase where dieting was your obsession. I want you to think about the food rules you are either following or have followed and how you reacted to those junk foods. The junk food that I stayed away from depended on the diet I was trying at the time. If I was trying to eat Paleo, the junk food was carbs and anything processed. If I was trying to eat dairy free, the junk food was cheese and ice cream!

Can I just tell you that when I “had” to avoid specific food groups, it only made me want them more!

Can anyone else relate to this? I mean, when someone tells me I cannot eat something, do something, etc., it makes me want to do that thing more!

When carbs were on your “do not eat” list, did you drool any time you saw bread? When ice cream was on your “do not eat” list, did you want it almost every night for dessert? SAME.

The reason you are craving all the junk foods when you are on a diet is because you “can’t” have them. When you allow yourself to eat anything you want, you will slowly start to crave all types of foods.

I’m not saying that you are ONLY going to crave fruits and vegetables, but you WILL crave them eventually because you will recognize how much better your body feels when you eat certain foods. The most important step in learning how to eat intuitively is learning about your body. This is done by recognizing how YOUR body reacts to certain foods. When you yourself know how YOUR body reacts to certain foods, you will feel empowered to make your own food choices without the input of a diet or someone else for that matter.

So yes, you will crave things other than junk food when you start to eat intuitively. It’s a giant change and leap when you are coming off of a diet, but it is the most sustainable way to help your body thrive.

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