What Do You Appreciate About Your Body?

I used to hate everything about my body and wanted desperately for it to be “perfect”. I wished that my dieting and exercising would get me that “perfect” body, but it never did. There is no perfect body and we need to stop wishing for a different body.

We need to be thankful for the body that we were given and appreciate all that it does for us.

I wrote a list of all the things I used to hate about my body and the things I now appreciate about it. I want to share this with you to inspire you to develop your own list.

I used to criticize my untoned legs. Now, I thank them for getting me through a 1/2 marathon and allowing me to continue running and spinning.

I used to be paranoid about my jiggly arms. Now, I thank them for being able to carry multiple grocery bags (so I don’t have to make more than one trip to and from my car).

I used to hate my stomach rolls. Now, I thank my gut for keeping me healthy and for the food I am able to eat.

I used to overwork my body for hours at the gym. Now, I focus on feeling good after a workout instead of exhausted. I focus on ample amounts of both activity and rest.

I used to wish my body looked like someone else’s so I could feel beautiful and worthy. Now, I know that I am beautiful and worthy no matter my shape or size. What makes me beautiful is being myself.

Today, I encourage you to write out your own list and keep it handy for whenever you are feeling down about your body.