Positive Food Affirmations

Two blogs ago, I listed 3 steps you can take to have food peace this holiday season. In this blog, I am focusing on how to write positive food affirmations to refer back to when you start to feel guilty or when you feel like you are taking a step backwards on your food freedom journey.

The main reason we feel guilty around food is because of the diet culture that surrounds us every day.

Diet culture bombards us with information about what to eat and what not to eat. It is easy to start believing everything diet culture tells us, especially when we are trying to eat “healthy”. I am totally supportive of those trying to better their health, but the problem with following the rules of diet culture is that food starts to become labeled in different ways.

Food stops becoming just food and ends up becoming the enemy.

If food is your enemy, then you most likely feel guilty about eating certain foods. Food-guilt is what you need to avoid this holiday season (and every season). In order to begin relieving yourself of this food-guilt, I want you to write at least 3 affirmations that will help you when you are feeling guilty about your food choices. Adjusting your mindset is such an important step when it comes to healing your relationship with food.

Example of a negative food thought: I am not allowed to eat Christmas cookies because they are bad.

Example of a positive food affirmation: I can choose to eat Christmas cookies or not to eat Christmas cookings depending on how my body feels and what it is craving.

Example of a negative food thought: I cannot eat past 7pm.

Example of a positive food affirmation: If I am hungry past 7pm, it is perfectly okay for me to eat food.

Think about the negative food thoughts you have on a daily basis and write them down. Turn them into something positive or completely adjust them to reflect a food freedom mindset. Have this list handy so that when you start to feel guilty about your food choices, you can read over the positive thoughts you are working towards.