The Body I've Always Wanted

I remember a few years ago when I was using at-home DVD workouts, there was a trainer who literally told us that we need to work hard for the body we’ve always wanted. At the time, I was like “YES! I want that super toned body and I am going to work hard to get there”. Looking back, I wish my younger self would’ve known that getting the body I thought I always wanted would not make me happy.

Now that I am more conscious of the deeper issues that were causing me to want this “perfect” body, I get super annoyed when I hear trainers say things like this.

Telling people that they have to work hard for the body they’ve always wanted sets them up to think that once they achieve that goal, they will be happy. For me, reaching that goal of a toned body and flat stomach did not make me happy and I don’t think it would make anyone else truly happy. In order to achieve true and pure happiness, you need to get to know yourself on a deeper level and take action that leads you to what you truly want in life.

When I was obsessed with having this perfect body, I was suppressing deeper feelings of unworthiness that I did not want to face.

I was using this whole body thing to distract me from facing how I felt about my true worth.

Past experiences, breakups, comparing myself to others all led to the feeling that in order to be worthy and beautiful, I had to look a certain way. Once I began uncovering what was behind these feelings, I was able to reshape my mindset and develop a the self-acceptance and self-love that I never knew I needed.

I think having a great sense of self-acceptance and self-love is what leads to true and pure happiness. When you accept and love who you are, there is not much that can truly take away or damage the peace you have within your heart.

If you find yourself obsessing over your body and wanting to look a certain way, I think it is time to pause and look inward.

What is causing you to obsess about this goal? Are you trying to avoid something else by obsessing over your body image? What is one action you can take today that will help you uncover your true feelings?

If you feel like talking to someone is one step you need to take, I invite you to sign up for one of my free market research sessions here. This one-hour session is dedicated to helping you discover what is lying underneath the feelings you have about your body and what steps would be most helpful to you. There is zero obligation to continue with more sessions afterwards. So if you feel like letting things off your chest is a good place to start, don’t hesitate to sign up.