Food Freedom is Possible

Tomorrow is Halloween & I KNOW there are people who are stressing out about being surrounded by all the treats! I know because I 100% used to be one of those people. I used to be the person who turned down literally any type of treat because I was obsessed with eating “clean”. Even though I thought I was being “healthy”, my actual relationship with food and my body was completely unhealthy.

I remember a Halloween a few years ago where I ended up binge eating so much candy that I got physically sick & exhausted. It started out as one piece of candy but because I had so much guilt around that ONE piece of candy, I continuously ate and ate until I was full. This all happened when I was obsessed with eating “perfectly”. When I “fell off the wagon”, I used it as an excuse to eat everything & anything.

This pattern followed me for years - dieting & bingeing, dieting & bingeing. During those years, I was constantly thinking about calories & macronutrients & meal timing that I forgot to enjoy all of the other things that life had to offer. It wasn’t until I sought help from others & took an honest look at the mindset I had about food and my body that I finally started moving towards a place of peace.

If you feel like food is in total control of your life right now, I want you to know that eventually it won’t be. Keep taking steps forward that will move you closer & closer to food freedom & body acceptance.