Why I Skipped My Workout

I just got back from my trip to the mountains and I’m already missing it!  It was so nice to get away from reality for a long weekend and enjoy days of hiking and nights of eating delicious food.  We did some great hikes but most of them were (obviously) very steep.  My legs were so sore this morning, and I decided to cancel the cardio & lifting class I had put on my calendar last week.

I knew that my body was SO not ready for that class this morning, so I decided to do a lighter workout at home because I knew my body was craving some form of movement today.  I felt a tad guilty for cancelling the workout class but that is because I had already paid for it and missed the cancellation deadline (#ohwell).  

I used to be super strict with my workout schedule.  I never listened to what my body wanted, I only followed the schedule I had set for myself at the beginning of the week.  While I believe setting a schedule is a great way to get into a solid workout routine, I also believe that there are times when you HAVE to listen to your body.

Do you ever feel guilty for missing a workout or for changing what you planned on doing?

I definitely used to carry that guilt around with me.  It would ruin my day or week if I missed a workout or if I didn’t workout as “hard” as I wanted to.  I think I felt this guilt because everywhere on social media I would see women working out “harder” than me and claiming that if I worked out five days a week, I would get me the body I wanted.  If I missed a workout, that meant another day further from my “dream body”.

You know what is better than having flat abs, toned legs, and non-flabby arms?  Treating your body with love and respect.  

When I stopped worrying about what my body looked like, I was able to let go of the rigid mindset I had about workouts.  I started incorporating workouts into my routine that I actually ENJOYED - yoga instead of lifting, walking/jogging instead of running, cycling instead of a boring cardio class.  I didn’t do these workouts five times a week, I did them three or less depending on how my body was feeling.

I challenge you to listen to your body this week instead of trying to be like the person you see on social media.  Satisfy your body’s craving for movement by doing something you actually enjoy!