Diets Can Never Give You Food Freedom

When I see specific diets claiming "food freedom", I cannot help but laugh.  I don't understand how a diet can guarantee you food freedom when there are so many rules surrounding your food choices.  Dieting and food freedom can never go together and here is why.

When you are following a diet, you cannot have food freedom because everything you eat counts as something.  That extra piece of fruit you ate at lunch or that handful of nuts you eat in between meals has to be logged somewhere - whether it be in your mind or in an app.  Some diets even tell you to not eat specific foods on certain days.  For example, maybe on Monday you can eat carbs but that means you have to avoid them Tuesday and Wednesday.  Or you can only eat certain vegetables steamed and certain ones raw.  How is that food freedom?  You are still following some type of rule.

When you are intuitively eating, there are no rules, you just eat whatever your body is craving.  Food is not labeled as being good or bad and you can have as much as you want (or as little as you want).  Having no rules makes you feel SO free in your food choices.  Most people think that intuitive eating leads to eating an entire sleeve of cookies in one sitting because now, you have no rules.  Intuitive eating actually does the opposite.  You no longer feel restricted or ever feel like you are "cheating", so you simply enjoy your food and move along with your day.

Remember that pint of ice cream you ate while dieting because you already "cheated", might as well cheat some more?  The ice cream is no longer a "bad" food when you intuitively eat.  You can enjoy a bowl and not feel guilty.  Because you don't feel guilty for eating the bowl of ice cream, you don't keep going back for more.  You ENJOY it and move on.

I LOVE this picture on Instagram, it perfectly describes dieting versus intuitive eating.  This is the best visualization I've seen on this topic and I hope it helps you understand why dieting can never give you food freedom.

Just listen to your body, it knows best.