Embracing My Cellulite

Over the weekend, I attended a concert with one of my friends that I've known since middle school.  We live in the same town but had not seen each other for over a month!  Needless to say, I was excited to catch up with her.  It was a normal North Carolina summer day with temperatures in the 90's so I decided to rock the jean shorts.  Before the concert, we had our picture taken (obvi) and as I was scrolling through, I immediately noticed the cellulite on the front of my legs.

Instead of noticing our smiles and our candid laughing faces, I noticed the cellulite.  I paused and asked myself why on earth was that the first thing I noticed about these pictures?

During my early 20's, I was very critical of my body.  I was embarrassed by the cellulite I had on my legs since I was a late teen and always felt self-conscious in shorts and bathing suits.  Unfortunately, the unrealistic beauty standards put on by society taught me that cellulite was ugly and gross.  Magazines, television ads, social media, tv shows, etc. taught me that I should try to get rid of cellulite by using special creams, doing specific exercises, and eating certain foods.  Since I was receiving these messages, naturally my response was to try to get rid of my cellulite or hide it.

I changed my diet, exercised more, and even tried a specific lotion that claimed to get rid of cellulite.  Nothing worked.  No matter how much weight I lost or how much muscle I gained, I always had cellulite on my legs.  Even if there is a special essential oil or plant leaf that I can rub on my legs, I don't care.  That is not something I'm super concerned about at this point in my life.

When I paused at that picture, I thought through why I was noticing my cellulite.  I remembered how far I've come in my body love journey and I refuse to back down the path where my mental space is overcome with messages of body hate.  I was able to move forward and laugh at the funny candids my friend and I took.

I don't have time to hate on my body anymore, I'm too busy enjoying life.

Now, I'm more concerned with how I feel instead of how I look.  I wish my younger self would have thought this way but that is why I'm taking my experience and sharing it with you.  I want you to learn from my experience so you can take a step forward in your own journey towards body love and acceptance.  I hope you are taking daily steps forward so that you can start enjoying life again.

Much love,