I Emotionally Eat

Confession - I emotionally eat when I'm sad, bored, happy (and when I got the cramps).  I do not eat for the sole purpose of fueling my body.  

I don't feel guilty when I choose to eat something even when I'm not hungry.  It's summer and guess what - I'm going to eat ice cream probably almost every weekend because that is a summer activity that I enjoy doing (and it is hot af where I live).  If I'm feeling emotional or cramping, I eat some chocolate and it makes me feel better.  If I'm at the movies and I want some popcorn even right after I just had dinner, I'm going to buy the overpriced popcorn.  

If you are dieting, you probably believe that emotional eating is bad.  Diet culture tells us that emotional eating should never happen - it tells us that we should have enough willpower to avoid comfort foods.  

We are all human and we are all going to emotionally eat at some point in time.  You should not be made to feel guilty about it.  

Let yourself enjoy life without food rules.  Sign up for a free session here and I will help you gain freedom in your food choices again.

Much love,