Finding Peace

Over the last six years, I've witnessed my body go through many different phases.  When I first graduated college, I was working out constantly and eating "clean" - then I moved into a phase of life where binge eating took over - and now I'm finally at a place where food is no longer the enemy.  With all of these changes in my behavior came changes in my body's appearance and I've had to learn how to accept my body at every phase of life.

When I used to do Crossfit, my body was significantly more muscular than it is now.  I enjoyed doing Crossfit because my body felt strong and energized.  After Crossfit, I got into running and trained for a half marathon two years in a row.  During that time, my body lost a lot of muscle since my workouts were mainly running and yoga.  After my marathons and into today, my workout schedule has been less rigid and strenuous - and my body looks completely different than it did even six months ago.

When my schedule starts to pile up, my workouts go on the back burner.  I'm never thrilled that this happens but I know I need more rest when I start to feel overwhelmed.  If I am up late working or have to be somewhere early the next morning, I let myself get a solid eight hours before starting the day - and sometimes this means skipping my morning workout.  Skipping workouts means changes in my body's strength which naturally means changes in my body's appearance.  I've learned to be okay with all of this because life is full of new experiences and new goals that I have to carve out time for.  

My workouts vary, my food is not always home cooked, my body looks different - and that is okay with me.

Loves, do not put too much pressure on yourself to be "perfect" in every area of life.  Do not try to control the way your body looks.  Take care of yourself and make choices that make you feel good.  Life changes all the time and you will wear yourself out trying to keep up with it.  The best thing to do is to accept your life and be at peace with where you are.  

Much love,