My Current Struggles

In a few days, I will be heading to Nashville for my friend's bachelorette party.  I cannot wait to see my girls and spend the weekend celebrating!  I've been before and am excited to show them around and enjoy all the things Nashville has to offer.  We will be enjoying a lot of good music along with a lot of good food.  Lately, I've noticed some food anxiety and body hate creeping up in my mind and I wanted to share how I've been dealing with it.

Traveling used to cause me loads of food anxiety and worry about my body shape.  I used to overpack my bags with extra "clean" food so that I could stick to whatever diet I was following at the time.  When I was on vacation, I never let myself enjoy any treats - no ice cream, always salads at restaurants, etc.  I always made time to workout when on vacation - even when I knew my body just needed to rest.  Now that I am further along in my journey, I rarely develop any anxiety when preparing for a trip.  I don't know why all this anxiety has crept up for this trip, but here are some ways that I am dealing with these thoughts.

Thought No. 1

- When eating out, do not eat gluten because you will feel bloated and tired.  I don't think this thought is necessarily negative because I want to make sure I'm enjoying my trip and I know that eating gluten will cause me more pain than fun.  I've acknowledged this thought and will probably avoid gluten at most meals so that my digestive system is not irritated all weekend.

Thought No. 2

- You should workout when on vacation to make up for the food you will be eating.  This is a negative thought that I need to acknowledge and throw away.  There is no need to exercise in order to "get rid" of the food you eat.  I don't think I will have time to exercise on this vacation so I have to be gentle with myself and remember that I can get back into my regular routine when I return home.  It's important to remember that we should be exercising to relieve stress and to gain more energy - not to fit into a certain body shape/type.

Thought No. 3

- When you return home, you should eat a completely raw diet for three days.  This must be on my mind because I feel that my body will need a detox when I return home.  While this thought has good intentions, I am choosing to acknowledge it and get rid of it.  Would it be beneficial to consume only raw foods for a few days in order to give my digestive system a break?  Maybe - but as someone who used to struggle with restrictive eating and binge eating, I will not allow myself to be restrictive.  I find it more beneficial to go about eating what I would eat during a normal week and not create any rules.

Thought No. 4

- Your body is going to feel fluffy after this trip.  I have not felt this way about my body for a long time and I am surprised that this thought is entering my mind.  This thought is coming from a negative place and I need to remind myself that my shape/size does not determine my beauty or my worth.  I have to return to a place of body love so that this anxiety around my body image does not affect my mindset.

Do you also have thoughts like these when you are about to go on a trip?  I hope that you can work through them and decide which ones are legitimate and which ones you need to get rid of.  Our lives should not be controlled by food anxiety or body hate.  We need to enjoy our food and appreciate our unique bodies.

Much love,