Keeping It Real

Recently, I was reviewing professional pictures that I had done back in March.  I was very wary while looking at these pictures because everything about them were professional - the makeup, the lighting, the editing (some of them are actually unedited, but I have not posted them yet).  I was hesitant to start posting any professional pictures on social media because one of my intentions as a coach is to help women embrace their natural bodies and I felt like a hypocrite looking all done up.

I finally had the courage to post one of my favorites on my Instagram the other day and I felt 100 times better after I did.  I got a positive response from a lot of my followers and I feel like this picture in particular explains exactly the type of person and coach I am.  I'm legit holding an apple and a cupcake because #foodfreedom.  I'm happy with the way this photographer captured my brand - which is something I could not do on my own.

Does the everyday me always look done up?  Heck no - ain't nobody got time for that!  But these pictures capture my brand and I am excited to post more down the road.  I hope my pictures, professional and not, bring you positive vibes and encourage you to embrace every part of who you are - makeup or no makeup!  In my opinion, both are equally beautiful.

Much love,