No More Special Occasions

I am back from my west coast trip and while I loved California, I am so happy to be home.  I missed my routine and the familiarity of where I live.  Does anyone else function better while in some sort of routine?

One of my favorite routine things to do in Durham is partake in brunch on the weekends - sometimes one morning or both if I don't feel like cooking myself breakfast (#lazy).  When I go to brunch, I do not restrict myself.  I judge how my body is feeling and go from there.  Since I am sensitive to gluten, I judge how my digestive system feels.  If I'm feeling off, I most likely avoid anything with gluten.  If my digestive system is feeling good, I will go for the gluten containing foods such as pancakes or biscuits.  My choices vary from week to week and I allow myself to eat anything I'm craving - I never save anything for a "special occasion".

During the time in my life when I was struggling with yo-yo dieting and binge eating, I would label some foods as "treats" and would only allow myself to eat them during special occasions.  For example, I would only eat cake if it was my birthday or I would only allow myself to eat bread if I was at a fancy restaurant.  I had so many food rules during these 4+ years that I forgot to simply enjoy what was on my plate.

Since I was able to find my food freedom, I am no longer following any food rules.  There are no foods that I label as "treats", "good", or "bad".  I listen to my body and make decisions that will satisfy my body's signals and cravings.  Sometimes these signals and cravings lead me to eat the gluten filled doughnut and other times, they lead me to stick with eggs and fruit.  Eating a doughnut does not make me "bad" and eating just eggs and fruit does not make me "good".  When I choose the doughnut, I do not feel guilty or feel like I should binge the rest of the day.  This guilt-free mentality and feeding my body properly is why I can't even remember the last time I binged.

What are your "treats"?  What foods are you labeling as "good" or "bad"?  Do you want to actually order those pancakes at brunch and not feel guilty?  Do you imagine living a life where food no longer controls your every decision?

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Enjoy your week, my friends.

Much love,