When Food Is No Longer In Control

Greetings from the west coast!  I've been out in California for the past few days and have been LOVING it.  I love the vibe over here and how easy it is to find a beach (#beachbum).  I've been exploring different cities in the southern part of the state and have conquered a few fears along the way.  These fears were traveling alone and going on a boat - I guess my fear was mainly getting sea sick.  I actually am enjoying traveling alone because I can literally do whatever I want (going to bed at 8pm because I cannot get used to the time difference).  My boat trip was super fun and I saw a few whales.  I tried to speak whale like Dory in Finding Nemo but it didn't work.

I've really enjoyed my time exploring and am happy that food and exercise no longer control my every move.

If I was still struggling with accepting my body, I would not be having fun on this trip.  I would be too worried about my meals and trying to exercise 24/7.  I would've probably bought too many expensive groceries so that I could eat "clean".  Food would've controlled my every move and my experience here would've been very different.

Life becomes free when you let go of diet mentalities and when you start loving yourself completely.  When you start dropping diet words and phrases like "good food", "bad food", "cheat days", "clean eating", etc., you leave room in your mind for more important things.  When you start loving yourself completely, you stop comparing yourself to others and worrying about what size pants you wear.

Think about how much more fun and free life would be when food is no longer in control.  Think about how much confidence and positive energy you will give off when you accept and love your body completely.

I know it seems impossible to live a life free of diet rules and body hate, but I know that it can happen for you.  I went through the same struggles for over four years and I understand how hard it is to fight on your own.  You have to surround yourself with people who understand and take consistent action steps so that you can move forward in a positive direction.

Currently, I'm offering free one-on-one sessions to discuss what you are going through and what steps are best for you to take.  Click here to schedule your free session and as always, feel free to message me on Instagram.  I enjoy hearing your stories and helping you in any way possible.

Much love,