This Weekend's Win

This past weekend, I did a photoshoot for my business.  I needed a major picture upgrade and I finally got around to booking a great photographer.  I am super excited to get my pictures and share some more food freedom and body love with you all!

You know what felt really good about doing this photoshoot - the fact that I never stressed about dieting or working out.  In fact, I had ice cream both Thursday night and Friday night (my shoot was Saturday morning).  In the weeks/days leading up to my shoot, I didn't restrict myself from eating what I wanted and I didn't over exhaust myself at the gym in order to lose some inches.  


For those of you that have struggled or are struggling with being comfortable in your body, you can understand how revolutionary this was for me.  After four years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, over exhausting myself at the gym, and looking at my body negatively, this simple truth was a big deal.  

During those years, the reasons behind my food and exercise choices were simply to look a certain way.  It wasn't so that I could feel good or be healthy.  It was because I wanted my body to shaped a certain way and I would do anything to get there.  Getting to that "perfect" shape meant endless hours of meal prepping, late nights and early mornings at the gym, saying no to homemade sweets, missing out on social events due to food anxiety, and not being able to experience life to its fullest.

Food was in control for four years.  For four years, I worked to get the body I thought I wanted.  I thought that body would bring me true happiness and only then could I start living my life to its fullest.  Trust me when I say that having toned legs and a flat stomach will not bring you happiness.

I am all for staying active and eating food that helps your body to thrive.  I am not for restricting calories or dieting in order to look a certain way.  If you feel healthy and are happy, that is what matters.  What doesn't matter is what size jeans you wear or how perky your butt is.

Go confidently into the world as your unique self.  It is time to stop stressing about how we look in pictures.

Much love,