When To Skip A Workout

During most weeks, my schedule includes working out in the morning at least three times a week.   However, this week my schedule is jam packed and I literally do not have time to get a solid workout in until maybe Thursday or Friday.  When I was struggling with body image issues, this fact would have made me feel guilty all week and my self-esteem would've plummeted.

Do you feel guilty when you skip a workout because you are too tired?  When you are too busy to get a workout in, do you restrict your food to "make up for it"?  Are you really hard on yourself even when you are doing the best you can?

I'm here to tell you that it is totally OKAY to skip your workouts.  Sometimes, our bodies need rest and it is time to stop being so dang hard on ourselves.  When life happens and you it to be too busy to workout, don't feel guilty and don't restrict your food intake.  It is more important to listen to your body and give it the rest that it needs.

Since this week is super busy for me, I am going to focus on resting more and practice tons of relaxing self-care (aka face masks and tea time).  If you are having a busy week like me, I hope you choose rest and body love.

Much love,