Body Shaming to Body Loving

To be honest, I've been super crampy and moody lately.  Last week, I was on an emotional roller coaster and this past weekend, the cramping and bloating was real.  During this time (especially over the weekend), I found myself hating on my body.  Yes, I'm a Food Freedom Coach that specializes in food freedom and body love; but this does not mean that I'm perfect.  Like you, I still have my struggles.  I have them under control after years self-healing and therapy, but every now and again they pop up.

When I'm feeling down in the dumps about my body, I like to remind myself the reasons why I love it.  Here are some ways to bounce back when you find yourself hating on your body.

Appreciate all that your body can do

We are quick to hate on certain physical aspects of our bodies but we forget what our bodies do on a daily basis.  Our hearts never skip a beat.  Our lungs continuously breathe in oxygen.  The bodies we live in are super smart and deserve lots of love because of everything they do.  Remember this next time you find yourself getting angry about a stomach roll.

Recognize what amazes you about your body

As women, most of our bodies can make another human - something we often forget when we are dealing with cramps or are feeling bloated.  Even if you don't want children, it is pretty cool to remember that your body can do this.  What else amazes you about your body?

What underlying messages are telling you to hate on your body

When you hate on your body, analyze where your thoughts are coming from.  When I was feeling bloated, I felt gross because my stomach was protruding out - the reason I felt gross is because our culture says that women with flat stomachs are more attractive.  What messages are ingrained in your subconscious because of social and cultural norms?

Focus on the positive

What do you truly love about your body?  Your beautiful eyes?  Your awesome hair?  The freckles you get when you're in the sun?  Is your skin super soft?  Whatever you love about your body, write it on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will always see it.  In fact, it doesn't even have to be about your body!  Maybe you love your amazing sense of style or you love the current color of your nails.  Anything positive, write it down.

Show yourself grace

Instead of getting angry about body shaming yourself, forgive yourself and choose to love.  It is easy to get caught in a cycle of guilt and shame for hating on your body - this will not help your cause.  Forgive yourself and remember that you are only human.  This struggle is not something that will be won overnight, so continue loving yourself even when it feels like you are taking a step backwards.

Loving yourself is hard work but it is necessary to live this life in the best way possible.  I hope these steps help you develop a more loving relationship with your body.

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