Happy New Year, my friends!  I hope your New Year's celebrations were everything you wanted them to be.  Whether that was going out on the town or staying in, I hope it was true to you.  Today, I want to touch on a topic that keeps coming up for me in my own life and that is self-acceptance.

For some reason, I've been struggling with accepting every part of who I am.  I have a positive body image and am at peace with where my life is currently - but that doesn't necessarily mean I am void of shame and guilt.  There are still things I am working through on a personal level and I am learning that most of this shame and guilt comes from other people's opinions and expectations.

This year, I want to focus on exploring those feelings.  Instead of ignoring those negative feelings, I want to explore why they are there. If these feelings are a result of someone else's opinion or expectations, then they need to go.  There is no purpose for shame and guilt to takeover simply because of other people's opinions.  People choose to live their lives differently and that is what makes us all unique.  Life would be boring if we all had the same thoughts, opinions, expectations, and values.

This year, I am looking forward to new relationships, new adventures, and new lessons.  I want to shut out the opinions and expectations of others so that I am living my life in a way that is true to me.  I hope that this year, you can also come to a place of total self-acceptance.  We are meant to have lives that thrive and oftentimes, that means doing you and not stressing about other people.  Make this year a year where you are your truest self.

Love and peace,