Crowding Out Processed "Foods"

Every Sunday, I've been making time to relax poolside and read (or take a nap).  Yesterday, I was people watching (my favorite thing) and could not help but notice the junk that everyone was eating.

I know I am all about freedom in our food choices but I also am very aware of how certain food (or should I say "food") affects our bodies.  Because I know our bodies do not thrive on processed foods, I majorly limit the amount that I put into my own body.

Back to the pool...I couldn't help but notice the bottles of pop and bags of chips in everyone's hands.  I don't know why this bothered me so much yesterday but I really want everyone to know what it feels like when your body is not filled with JUNK!  

Our bodies were made to thrive.  They were made to feel good.  They were made to have energy and focus.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of people do not realize how good they would feel if they started to eliminate this processed junk.

At this point, many people are basically addicted to this stuff we call food.  It is because manufacturers add chemicals to their products that make us come back for more.  Business-wise, this makes sense; manufacturers are trying to make more money and the way to do that is to get people to continuously buy their products.  Health-wise, this does not make any sense.  How can we be okay with eating chemicals and things we can't even pronounce (except quinoa).  

I know it is hard to change your eating habits but think about how much better you would feel if you eliminated one processed food a day (or a week/month).  What could you do this week that will make you feel better?  Maybe instead of bringing those chips to work as a snack, bring sea-salted almonds.  Instead of eating those chocolate chip cookies after dinner, how about having a piece of dark chocolate with peanut butter?

Crowding out processed "food" by replacing it with healthier alternatives will make it much easier.  Take small steps every day instead of going all in (unless you operate better that way).

Have a good week and take care of yourself!

With love and peace,