Counting Calories Is For The Birds

I remember when I used to count every single calorie that went into my body.  I used one of those apps for your phone to track what I had every time ate something.  At the end of the day, I would be either over or under my calorie limit and would mentally note if I needed to increase or decrease my consumption the next day.  I had no problem keeping track of what I ate, but I always felt a little guilty for going over 1,200 calories in a day (or whatever that number is supposed to be).  

Originally, I thought counting calories was the way to either lose or maintain weight.  I thought that if i stuck to a certain number of calories a day, I would be healthy.  At the time, being healthy to me meant looking a certain way; it never meant feeling a certain way.  Thankfully, I have reached a place where counting calories is so foreign to me that when people ask how many calories are in one of my meals, I cannot give them a legit answer.  Actually, my answer is I don't know and it doesn't matter.

Are you a calorie counter?  STOP!!!  Your body doesn't recognize 100 calories as just 100 calories.  The 100 calories that you get from a piece of fruit is going to send very different information to your cells than the 100 calories you would get from one of those chip or cookie snack bags.

Food is information; not in the form of calories but in the form of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  Instead of worrying about your caloric intake, take a look at the quality of the food you are choosing to fuel your body with.  I'm not one to judge if you choose to have a treat every once in a while; but on a daily basis, what are you putting into your body?  

Trust me, once you start fueling your body properly, your body will start to thrive.  When your body is thriving, you are able to think more clearly, you have more energy, and you simply feel better.

With love and peace,


*If you need help crowding out the processed stuff and replacing it with simple and tasty whole foods, contact me.  I have multiple (and new) programs available that might be right for you!