How to Meal Prep and Still Enjoy Your Sunday

Hello there!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are starting your week on a positive note.  Today, I'd like to discuss easy ways to meal prep on the weekend so you can still enjoy your Saturday or Sunday adventuring and relaxing.

Meal prep can be overwhelming if you are new to it or if cooking is a new territory for you.  I find that most people choose to forgo meal prepping and end up resorting to other options during the week; meaning fast food or frozen dinners.  If you want your body to function better, I encourage you to limit the amount of fast food and processed foods you consume.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy an easy dinner on the go from time-to-time and I'm not one to turn down chips and guac; but I moderate the amount of processed foods I consume because I know my body functions better without them.

With that being said, I want to provide you with some practical cooking tips that you can take into your meal prep next week (or even tonight).  These steps will help you consume more whole foods and will cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen on the weekends and even during the week.

Tip #1: Foods to cook in bulk

- The following foods are great options to cook in bulk: brown rice, quinoa, beans, broccoli, asparagus, kale, spinach, and sweet potatoes.  These are some great options to have stored in the fridge for the week.  All of these items will last for at least 4-5 days and can be paired together with an animal protein (if that's your thing).  Use these items to make a stir fry, salad, or even soup.  I like to prep a little animal protein on Sunday to pair with my favorite grains and vegetables.  For example, this week I prepared brown rice, broccoli, and shrimp to make a stir fry.  I can use any leftover broccoli for an omelet for frittata later in the week.

Tip #2: Prep your favorites

- Buy your favorite vegetables and chop them up to use as snacks or to create salads.  Another great option to prep is homemade salad dressing!  There is something about homemade dressing that makes salad so much better.  Click here to get the recipe for one of my favorite dressings.  Another option that you may want to prep are homemade snacks such as granola or oat bites.  I make my favorite oat bites almost every other week to have as a mid-day snack or as a dessert.  Want my oat bite recipe?  Sign up for my newsletter here.

Tip #3: Keep it simple

- One thing that I do to keep my meal prep simple is keeping my meals simple!  I don't know about you, but I can spend a whole day bookmarking fancy recipes and then stressing over what ingredients I have and don't have.  Sometimes I'll get fancy if I have a slower week, but most of the time I am all about efficiency.  Don't stress over making fancy meals.  Keep it simple by steaming or baking your favorite vegetables and pairing them with rice or potatoes.  If animal protein is your thing, bake some salmon with lemon juice, garlic, and pepper.  One of my favorite dinners is a frittata and sweet potato chips.  It is super simple and also very delicious depending on what vegetables I decide to throw in.

I hope your meal prep can be made easier by following these tips.  If you are looking for more recipes, head over to my Food Freedom page.

Happy cooking!

With love and peace,