Investing in Ourselves

Oh how I enjoy Monday's off from my day job.  This morning, I was able to relax, go for a run/walk, and enjoy a slow afternoon of coffee and writing.  I am feeling refreshed and recharged for the week ahead.  I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying a slow day as well!

This past week, I've been thinking about what we choose to invest in.  A client of mine recently brought up the fact that she does not understand why people do not invest in themselves, both with their time and money.

This had me thinking about what I am investing in.  Where is my money going, how is my time being spent, and are these things helping me move in a positive direction?

This week, take time to evaluate where you are spending your time and money.  Are you spending your every evening bingeing on a show?  Where does your money go?  Do you keep track of your expenses?  What are you choosing to not invest in because you do not want to give up your daily coffee run or that cute handbag that you must have?

Do not get me wrong, I am all about treating yourself to a night of your favorite TV show or buying your favorite drink to get you through hump day or Friday.  But, I am concerned that we might be treating ourselves too much without noticing how it is affecting us.  

As you go throughout the week and reevaluate where your time and money goes, notice how it affects you and ask yourself if it truly making you happy.

With love and peace,