Post-Christmas Thoughts

It is the day after Christmas and I know there are a great deal of women who are suffering from anxiety at this very moment.  These women are anxious because they are thinking about the treats they chose to indulge in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  There are also some women who are suffering from anxiety because they did not let themselves enjoy any treats the past two days.  

Which woman are you today?

I woke up this morning and was so excited for a day ahead of doing nothing.  I am probably not going to get out of my pjs and will probably watch one too many movies (who wouldn't be excited for that?!).  As I was eating my breakfast, I was scrolling Instagram and started seeing all the pictures of people either at the gym or sipping on some green juice.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good workout and I do enjoy green juice BUT I don't know why everyone thinks that you HAVE to do either of these things on the day after Christmas.

When I was struggling with food anxiety and body image issues, pictures of workouts or "clean" food were triggers.  These pictures would make me feel guilty for not working out or guilty for still enjoying Christmas cookies the day after Christmas (how dare I).  Out of guilt, I would make myself either workout or eat super clean.  I was not doing either of these things because it made me feel good.  There were also times were I would feel guilty and instead of eating clean or working out, I would binge.  If I was bingeing the day after Christmas, it most likely meant that I did not let myself enjoy any food the prior two days.

For the past few years, I've let myself enjoy all the food and all the cookies without letting guilt or shame get in the way.  I don't even feel guilty about not working out today (bro, I'm freaking tired).  I don't think any of us women should feel guilty about eating too many cookies (is there really a limit?) or for wanting to stay in all day watching movies.  

Why do we put some much pressure on ourselves to be perfect all the time?

If you are suffering from anxiety today about food or exercise, you are not the only one.  It takes a while to get over this guilt and shame you feel around food and your body.  Society has it drilled into our heads that we have to look a certain way and act a certain way in order to be considered beautiful and/or perfect.  Let go of these stereotypes and standards today and do whatever the heck you want.  Once you start loving yourself completely and forgiving yourself for not being perfect, that guilt and shame will slowly start to fade away.

To here more of my story and how I help women overcome these issues, please keep in touch via my newsletter or contact me here.  I hope you enjoy your day and do what feels best for you.

Love and peace,