On Leggings and Body Image

This past weekend, I overheard women discussing leggings, who should wear them, and who should not.  I was annoyed (to say the least) that it was two women discussing this.  I wonder why young girls are going on diets and talking about how much they hate their bodies.  Can't we all just wear whatever makes us feel comfortable and confident without someone judging us?

I used to hardcore judge my body all the time.  Every time I put on an outfit, I checked to see if my butt looked "good" or if my stomach looked flat enough.  I was not confident in myself because I thought that in order to be worthy, I had to look like the models I saw in magazines and on TV.  Thankfully, I've recovered from my body image issues and have embraced my body for everything that it is (cellulite and all).  Life is too short.  I decided that being confident in who I am every day will help me live the life I am meant to live.

Unfortunately, body image is a still a huge issue among young girls and adult women.  The media floods us with messages saying we can't have cellulite or stomach rolls.  Apparently, we also have to do a lot of squats so are butts stay perky no matter our age.  Seriously?  Why is this okay and why are we women still buying into these messages?  It makes me sad to think that there are young girls in elementary school going on diets for this reason.  It makes me sad to think we women are still judging each other.

Let's stop listening to what the media is telling us about having the perfect body.  Let's stop going on diet after diet just to look a certain way.  Let's stop judging ourselves and others for what they look like. 

Start by owning who you are, physically and mentally.  Rock your confidence all day every day.  

Wear what makes you confident and don't worry about what other people say.  If people are judging you, it is because they are struggling with something themselves.

The body image world needs so much work.  Start today by noticing what norms you are falling prey to.  How can you shift your mindset and help lead the way for young girls?  

With love and peace,