Owning Your Food Choices

Last week, I was eating lunch with my coworkers and someone made the comment that I should start eating "real" food.  I'm confused by what they meant by the term, real.  I mean, I was eating a delicious salad with homemade sweet potato fries (yum) and homemade dressing.  Back when I was going through my binge eating and dieting issues, this comment would have thrown me into a whirlwind of negative thoughts and actions.

Under no circumstance do I think it is okay for people to comment on your food choices.  We do not always know what other people are struggling with and food comments like those can have a very damaging effect on certain people.  Even if you do not struggle with an eating disorder, it is still uncalled for on so many levels.  What one person likes the other doesn't.  What makes one person feel energized might make another person feel sluggish.  The point is, we all have choices to make when it comes to everything, including FOOD.  

Food is a very sensitive subject these days.  One person tells you to eat all the carbs.  Another person tells you to never eat past 7pm (that is totally unrealistic).  We are flooded with way too much diet information and we get caught up in this mentality that food is either "good" or "bad". When we have this mentality around food, we start judging our own food choices as well as other's.  We start to think we or other people are good eaters or bad eaters.  What is up with that?  Why can't we just eat what we want and let it be.

A word of advice today - do not comment on other people's food choices.  The bottom line is your healthy is not my healthy.  I make food choices that are true to me and my body and the same should be for you.  Our bodies are all very unique and what works for me will not work for you.  You do you and I'll do me.

With love and peace,