Jess Malingowski (aka Jess Mal) is an IIN® Certified Holistic Health Coach.  As a health coach, she focuses on helping her clients reach a place of food freedom and peace with their bodies.  

In her early twenties, Jess struggled with yo-yo dieting as she tried to obtain the "perfect' body.  After years of this, she decided enough was enough and enrolled at IIN® to become a holistic health coach.  Throughout her education, Jess learned about the bio-individuality of our bodies and how to make choices that allow her body to thrive.

Her passions include ditching diets and having radical self-love.  She also is passionate about dark chocolate

If you are struggling with yo-yo dieting, food anxiety, and/or body image issues, please contact Jess for a FREE wake-up session.  Working with Jess will help you reach a place of freedom in your food choices and you will learn how to love yourself no matter what.